Tucked along Jiak Chuan Road is Phat Cat Laundry, a trendy laundry-themed bar to wash away your mundane day and boring nights.

Tucked along 4 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore is Phat Cat Laundry, a trendy laundry-themed bar to wash away your mundane day and boring nights. Stealing passersby glances with its traditional Asian laundromat design, Phat Cat Laundry has been the talk of the town for pleasantly surprising customers, especially when they mistake the bar as an actual laundromat.

Forget the typical lychee martini or sex on the beach cocktail that you always order and think out of the box. Phat Cat Laundry has whipped up special cocktails such as Asia Porn Star Martini, Phat Ass Sing Sling and Truffle martini to surprise you. Not forgetting their signature Forget Love water inspired from a mandopop classic by Andy Lau.

Director Kevin Cheng fondly recalls Forget Love Water started off as an internal joke before it made its grand entrance to the menu. The recipe for success behind this drink is simply its nostalgic yet humorous touch for customers who are familiar with the song and for anyone who is new to the concept.

The menu takes inspiration from all parts of Asia to give their customers a variety taste of food from different countries, aiming to give a refreshing experience or evoke childhood memories childhood. For those who are looking to fill the tummy, their extensive food choices will never disappoint.

You’re always spoilt with choices with a glamourous serving of brontosaurus char siu beef rib that melts in your mouth, a plate of mushroom and bone marrow fried rice or a pork belly pita sandwich… and more. Never neglecting that fun element, you can even “quack” for a discount for their fresh lemon juice duck pond made of Ron Abuelo Anejo rum, mango juice, exotic shrub, fresh orange juice, fresh lime juice and caramel syrup.

The F&B scene is always challenging and competitive, however, Kevin Cheng remains positive about it. In fact, he is glad that a lot of operators in Singpaore have a “kampong spirit,” meaning everyone works together so everyone can share the same benefits rather than competing against one another.

That being said, Kevin Cheng has always been taking a step out of his comfort zone to create extraordinary concepts to differentiate from others. Always full of surprises, we can expect a brand new cocktail menu and a mid-monthly full moon party (inspired by the original Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan) coming our way.


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