Hong Kong-based Tea Château launches new tea capsules featuring traditional Chinese teas and refreshing summer blends. 

Tea is a well-loved beverage, popular worldwide and ingrained in Chinese culture. To match the fast-paced lifestyle of Hong Kong people, Tea Château created a simple and efficient solution to boost your tea experience. Just launching their flagship store in IFC Mall, tea lovers can sample the brand’s fine teas in person or purchase the brand’s innovative capsules to enjoy a “reimagined tea experience at the push of a button.”

For many, tea is an essential part of their daily routine, but brewing the perfect cup is time consuming and often complicated for the working professional. Tea Château’s convenient capsules allow anyone to easily enjoy a cup of tea whenever they please.  Offering a range of 13 different flavours ranging from traditional Chinese teas to herbal ingredients and natural remedies, to functional wellness teas, each blend is carefully crafted to boost your wellbeing and provide a delicious fine tea-drinking experience. Their tea varieties are made in Hong Kong with top-tier tea leaves.

Traditional Chinese Tea

Tea Château’s traditional Chinese teas available include classics from Chinese culture, and are nostalgic staple for any occasion. A Yinhao green tea, their Jasmine blend is a rejuvenating tea with deliciously fragrant leaves. Their Pu’er, with its roots in Yunnan province, is uniquely sweet and mellow, often regarded as a “drinkable antique.”

Jasmine_New Tea Capsule Brand Tea Château Launches in Hong Kong

Functional Tea

Crafted to boost your well-being, Tea Château’s functional teas feature soothing herbal ingredients and natural remedies that hold different qualities and health benefits. Elevate your wellness with the brand’s Free Your Soul blend, composed of roses, lilies, and poria in a herbal and green tea. This blend will help you relax and relieve stress. Their summer limited edition Cool You Down blend boosts the perfect combination of sweet Longjing tea leaves with honeysuckle and cape jasmine.

Cool You Down_New Tea Capsule Brand Tea Château Launches in Hong Kong

With Tea Château’s Tea Machine, all you need to do is place a capsule into your machine, push a button, and enjoy the perfect cup of tea. The machine features 15 bar pressure, a controlled temperature setting of 90˚C, and is compatible with other capsule drinks. Their small capsules are also compatible with Nespresso coffee machines, while large capsules are compatible with Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machines.

For an all-rounded tea experience, visit each store’s Tasting Bar, where their tea specialists will guide you to find the perfect blends for your lifestyle. Learn from Tea Château’s resident experts about the endless possibilities of tea by infusing and mixing it with different ingredients. Check out their Jasmine Apple and Tieguanyin Virgin Mojito for two refreshing summer mocktail ideas.

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