The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition fundraises HK$120,000 for women’s health charity The Karen Leung Foundation, raising awareness of gynaecological cancer in Hong Kong.

The Karen Leung Foundation (KLF)’s The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition is a women’s health awareness programme working to raise awareness and help women in Hong Kong battle the risks of gynaecological cancer. Funds raised from the sale of 25% of their artworks over the past six weeks already account for 30% of the charity’s budget, and KLF targets to raise half a million in Hong Kong dollars by the end of the campaign.

Featuring over 40 artworks from local and international artists, The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition features paintings, photography, sculptures, and NFT art. The collection is finely curated and includes works from Hong Kong’s rising artists like Claudia Chanhoi, Ka Ying Wong, Vox Vanguard, and more.

“The ugly truth is that over 2,000 women annually in Hong Kong are diagnosed with at least one major form of gynaecological cancer,” says Katharina Reimer, Executive Director of The Karen Leung Foundation. “And with the lack of communication and knowledge, many miss early treatment. So, we want to bring the local community together to change this difficult conversation into something more relatable – art.”

Reimer added that the foundation’s community and outreach has grown exponentially with many interests from businesses, corporates, and high-level individuals. This includes women-led and women-focused insurance brokerage firm, Alea, which has begun a partnership with KLF to raise awareness on women-related health issues and donate a portion of each of their sales to support the Foundation.

To further support women’s health and raise awareness for the risks of gynaecological cancer, KLF and the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation (HKYAF) have released a dance film titled, “BREATHE.” Directed by Lindsey McAllister, the choreography delves into the emotional toll of one who would suffer from cancer and hopes that this expression will resonate with the audience and bring light to women’s wellbeing and the feminine experience.

The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition Raises HK$120,000 for Women's Health

All funds raised from the the ExtraOrdinary Exhibition will be used to fund KLF’s programmes to educate, prevent, and provide support services to women at risk of gynaecological cancer. The final leg of this year’s exhibition will be displayed at The Hari Hong Kong until the 3rd of January, 2022, and the online catalogue will be available until the 31st December 2021.

Founded in 2013, the Karen Leung Foundation is the first and only organisation in Hong Kong solely devoted to women’s gynaecological cancers. To date, KLF has raised more than HK$27 million to help Hong Kong girls and women. The Foundation honours the memory of Karen Leung, a hedge fund trader, who died at age 35 following a diagnosis of metastatic cervical cancer.

Featured banner image: Katharina Reimer, Executive Director of The Karen Leung Foundation


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