Tourism trends are changing every year, and impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic did not fail to create massive changes in the industry. Here are seven opportunities for the tourism industry to optimise in 2021. 

From social distancing to travel restrictions, working from home to staycations, there are many trends going around. Continue reading to learn all about the latest tourism trends Covid has played a major role in this year.

1. Health and Hygiene

Our health and hygiene is the priority right now- utmost cleanliness, socially distanced seating, mandatory mask rules, and sanitising hands on the spot are some of the latest Covid-19 trends in tourism. Even with airlines, hotels, and restaurants that provide more relaxed restrictions, travellers are choosing the ones who follow and take all precautionary measures, to ensure their safety. This has been a swift shift in the marketing of the travel and tourism industry. Hotels, airlines, travel agencies, and other hospitality businesses need to show what steps and policies they have adapted to guarantee maximum protection of the health of their users. These precautions can be marketed through videos, posts, emails, youtube vlogs, etc.  

2. Go Local 

With the virus unfortunately still spreading, the world of travel and tourism is still being kept mostly at bay. But thanks to tourists wanting to seize more opportunities to travel locally, there has been significant growth in regional travel and tourism due to unavoidable restrictions on international voyages. This is an excellent opportunity for local hotels and tourism groups to highlight their best facilities to attract locals. An added perk is that there is a reduced risk of cancellations due to guests’ proximity.  

Go local_Tourism Trends: Opportunities for the Industry in 2021

3. Automated Booking Systems

Digitalisation has been playing a significant role in easing the hassle of booking tickets and hotel stays. Moreover, online bookings are encouraged by hospitality businesses, as users are often asked to leave a comment or a review following their stay. Providing both an online booking platform, as well as an accessible customer review system will gain other people’s attention to use your services in the future.

4. Cashless Transactions

Digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay are bringing prevalence to contactless payments, especially due to safety concerns about transmitting Covid through cash or other contact methods. Contactless payments are effortless, especially for tourists who will not need to carry their ATM cards or foreign currency, and can completely depend on these apps for food, hotel stays, and other services. This also reduces the risk of pocket theft during travel. For businesses, this also speeds up the process of check-ins and check-outs for guests.

Cashless transactions_Tourism Trends: Opportunities for the Industry in 2021

5. Technology at its Best

The tourism industry has stepped up its game. The merging of technology and creativity is evident through augmented reality (AR) and virtual travel facilities. A customer can experience everything from tourist attractions to outdoor activities virtually from their hotel room. Virtual reality (VR) tours are easy to access through any web browser, and can be taken from the comfort of your couch.

6. Eco-Tourism

It is important to save and sustain our environment for future generations, and many travellers are choosing sustainable tourism as a means to accomplish this. They invest money in the local economy as they believe it is their responsibility to contribute as they have used it for many days during their vacation. 

Eco-tourism_Tourism Trends: Opportunities for the Industry in 2021

7. Workations

Work from home (WFH) and remotely working are terms that are no longer new to our ears. But what are workations? Many businesses have been affected by Covid, as have many people’s mental health. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic and many are burnt out from sitting inside and staring at screens for long hours. This has invented a new trend in the tourism industry where people travel and work from their vacation spots. This gives them a change of surroundings, mental peace, and some leisure time as well. 


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