Located in the more historical compass of Wang Burapha in Bangkok, Gallery Drip Coffee’s second branch gives you far more than aromatic coffee hit that you seek for daily.

The well-lit atmosphere with a cavernous ceiling, designer wooden furniture and patterned floor-tiling goes accordingly with the colonial exterior of the building. The gallery-like atmosphere of the coffee shop is mirrored in its name, but surprisingly space also doubles as an exhibition space, with artwork on display that changes every two months.

Designed for both art and coffee enthusiasts, this shop understands that brewing is a work of art. Treated with much decadence, coffee is more than just the fix needed to get you through the day. This is a brand new hub for those who are looking for a calming environment, either for doing their laptop work or for an afternoon recess.

Natthiti Ampriwan, Co-Founder of Gallery Drip Coffee explains, “Despite not having technical training in business nor the coffee industry, the Gallery Drip team thrives on our passion for coffee and the arts. We pick up the pieces as we go along and learn organically each day how we can better our coffee and our space.”

The aptly named ‘Gallery Drip’ coffee comes either hot or iced, both of which are tantalizing to the soul. All beans used in the coffee house originate from local farms in Thailand. If a strong black is not your cup of tea – or should we say your cup of coffee – we suggest trying the Jelly Coffee for a sweeter subtle option.

Co-Founder Piyachat Trithaworn (Pi) chimes in, saying “Art and coffee go hand-in-hand. Cof- fee is a driving fuel to create, and coffee houses have always been a place to meet and share ideas.”


Written by Kahm Jiamjarupa

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