Wink Hotels’ Saigon Centre is awarded Vietnam’s highest LEED rating to deliver premium sustainable hospitality excellence that promotes health and wellbeing to their guests and the environment.

Wink Hotels, Vietnam’s up and coming hospitality brand, is reimagining sustainable tourism and working hard to create a positive environmental impact. Vietnam’s first locally-born, international-standard hospitality brand, Wink Hotels reflects the spirit of the country’s people. Taking inspiration from the busy and fast-paced Vietnamese travellers of today, each hotel provides a modern “affordable luxury” experience, with art-inspired interiors integrated with each location.

The brand’s flagship, Wink Hotel Saigon Centre @ 75 Nguyen Binh Khiem, opened on the 24th of March this year, and holds the country’s highest certification for the globally-recognised Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, Gold v4. Transforming sustainable guest experiences locally and globally, the hotel defines new industry benchmarks for contactless guest services, cashless payment and eco-conscious operations, with distinctive hospitality services, and setting the standard for Wink Hotels’ pipeline of 20+ properties across the country.

Wink Hotels Transforms Vietnam’s Sustainable Hospitality Landscape

Careful consideration is taken for each hotel’s design to ensure responsible tourism and reduce carbon emissions. Wink Hotels’ success in gaining this certification was achievable through the building’s architecture, interior design, water efficiency, energy and lighting consumption. Last year, the Wink Hotel Saigon Centre won the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020 for “Best New Hotel Construction and Design, Vietnam.” The Saigon Centre’s architecture was designed for efficient thermal transmittance to reduce energy consumption. Built to optimise waste management, the hotel allows guests to dispose of waste into three categories: recyclable, domestic, and hazardous. All indoor fixtures are equipped to control water flow rate. The hotel ensures fresh air quality is 30 percent above minimum required level.

“At Wink Hotels, we do things differently, one positive footprint at a time. We want to liberate this new generation of digital natives through innovative yet sustainable guest experiences that are aligned with their personal preferences,” said Michael Piro, CEO of Wink Hotels.

Wink Hotels Transforms Vietnam’s Sustainable Hospitality Landscape

The hotel provides parking facilities to support bicycle, carpooling and electric cars. And they are collaborating with PlasticPeople to recycle plastic waste into useful objects and furniture such as amenity trays, bins, desks and even building materials. The hotel brand also partners with Toong, their eco-conscious coworking partner, who equips each desk and workspace with its own lamps and fans to reduce central power usage.

Wink Hotels is conceived by developer, Indochina Kajima, operated by Indochina Vanguard.  Both are joint venture companies between Indochina Capital and Kajima Corporation and Vanguard Hotels respectively.

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