Located in Central Bangkok at Ongkarak 13, Hive Life sits down with Sakul Intaku to discuss the first museum in the world dedicated to the floral culture.

If anyone knows anything about flowers it is Sakul Intakul, a florist responsible for opening the first museum in the world dedicated to floral culture. Located in a strikingly beautiful house with over 100 years of history, the museum showcases the often overlooked natural beauty of flowers to the Bangkok locals.

After graduating from Engineering at Ladkrabang University, Sakul worked as a Marketing Engineer in Bangkok, whilst taking up several flower-arrangement courses over the space for 2 years, where his interest in florals started.

There was no better way to express his passion as a florist than by opening a floral museum that evokes the nostalgia of a traditional Thai house. An extensive amount of care, time and dedication has created a stunning space adorned with intricate ethereal pieces.

As you walk into the garden, you are greeted by a pond and a wooden cattle where guests can sit and relax. You can also sample a selection of rare desserts, including black coconut sweet pudding paired with a rose tea, set in ceramic kettle on the balcony which is simply decorated by a banana leaf dome.

“As a child, my brother and I would visit the local flower market and look for a seed to grow every weekend. I remember reading books about gardening but planting and life gave me another direction, however, I am back with nature again,” says Sakul.

Workshops on how to make Jasmine garlands, fold lotus petals and arrange a flower bouquet for your loved ones take place every month. You’ll learn how to pick the right petals and sew everything together until your art piece is finished. What’s not to like here?

Find them here

The Museum of Floral Culture, 315 Samsen Road, Soi 28, Yaek Ongkarak 13, Bangkok
Tel: 02 669 3633-4

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