Having transformed dining experiences across the glove, I AM Dining brings art to the table with an immersive culinary evening.

Having transformed dining experiences from New York to London and now Singapore, Creative Director and Founder of I AM Dining Concepts Kate March brings art to the table with an immersive culinary evening. Guests enjoyed a stupendous three-course dinner completed with a live performance by performing artists for an unforgettable experience.

Kate March is an exceptionally creative individual and who has captured everyone’s attention all over town with her immersive theatrical projects. Together with a group of talented creative artists, Kate founded I AM, a community delivering artist events through immersive live performances. It’s a project done out of genuine passion for expressing creativity and for collaborating with other artists.

Having transformed dining experiences since 2011 across cities we know and love like New York, London and Hong Kong to name a few, Kate brings art to the table with an immersive culinary evening at the Hive Rooftop. The ladies leave little room for imagination as they get up-close and personal with guests whilst sipping their glass of wine.

Paying tribute to Da Vinci’s iconic artwork, The Last Supper, I AM’s The First Supper was nothing but magical and whimsical. Whilst eating, dancers pranced and prowled around, circling the table and occasionally making themselves comfortable in the empty space. The combination of sexy play and unorthodox movements- think draining ice-cold water from a dispenser on each dancer’s head – left all diners on the Hive Rooftop on the edges of their seats and mouths agape.

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