Do you need a quick and easy healthy smoothie recipe for your busy mornings? There are so many blends to choose from, but which ones are the tastiest and have the most health benefits? Continue reading for the most well-loved morning smoothies to elevate your day.

While your body recovers during sleep, it needs a healthy and filling breakfast to get you moving and energised. Some people do not have time for a full meal in their morning routine, and many skip breakfast entirely. With everyone rushing to get to work, breakfast is often neglected. Working on an empty stomach can make you feel lethargic and unmotivated throughout the day. Boost your work productivity with a quick, healthy, and filling morning smoothie. 

Whether boosting immunity, detoxing, or energising, smoothies have many health benefits. Get inspired to experiment with your favourite natural ingredients with our top morning smoothies to kickstart your day.

smoothies_Healthy Smoothies to Elevate Your Morning Routine


Maintaining a fast metabolism is a challenge for many. A slow metabolism may induce slower digestion, reduced fat-burn, and higher levels of fatigue. While boosting your metabolism requires a balanced mixture of regular exercise and a tailored diet, smoothies are a great way to start. Some of the well-known ingredients that help with metabolism are grapefruit, pineapple, and spinach. Incorporating these into your diet will help to achieve your goal, and consuming them through a smoothie is a quick and efficient way to boost your metabolism. 

Metabolism Booster 

This smoothie is guaranteed to jumpstart that sleepy metabolism. Full of fiber, protein, nutrients, and water, it is also highly effective in hydrating your body and stimulating weight loss.

Using frozen fruits will give a cold finish to your mixture, with a refreshingly flavourful taste. The grapefruit used will be the main ingredient to help boost metabolism, and they are also recommended by nutritionists for those trying to lose weight. Consuming grapefruit fresh is the most beneficial, so a full grapefruit and not  extracted juice should be used for this smoothie. 

Ingredients: Dark green tea, full fat coconut milk, fresh spinach, frozen green banana, frozen grapefruit, frozen chopped pineapple, ice, and whey protein isolate (optional). 

Instructions: When mixing a smoothie, it is recommended to start with liquids, greens, and then add frozen ingredients at the end. If using whey isolate for extra protein, add it in last. 

Start by blending everything until the mixture appears thick and creamy. In order to avoid any chunks of frozen fruit or protein powder, or to get a thinner blend, add generous amounts of green tea or water. 

metabolism_Healthy Smoothies to Elevate Your Morning Routine


The ongoing pandemic has motivated many people to become more conscious about building a strong immune system. While immunity is to an extent dependent on genetics, there are many ways to strengthen your immune system. Prepare your body to fight off any illness with this immunity-strengthening smoothie.

Citrus-Turmeric Smoothie

Turmeric is a spice with many health benefits for your body and brain. The main active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Used most commonly in India, turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellow-orange tint. All beneficial properties in turmeric are from curcumin, including medicinal anti-inflammatory properties. One of the biggest health benefits of curcumin is it reduces the risk of heart disease. 

Not only are hemp seeds extremely nutritious, but also being a nut, their fatty acids may enhance your immune system. Through improving the balance of essential fatty acids in your blood system, hemp seeds and oil can help your body reach the optimal range of omega-6 and omega-3. 

Ingredients: Low-fat vanilla Greek yoghurt, freshly squeezed orange juice, freshly squeezed lemon juice, peeled and grated fresh ginger, ground turmeric, hemp seeds, and ice cubes. 

Instructions: Add all ingredients into a blender and blend until mixture is smooth and creamy like puree. If the mixture is too thick, add more orange juice and blend again. 

immunity_Healthy Smoothies to Elevate Your Morning Routine


Every now and then, we tend to crave unhealthy food, and as one cheat meal leads to another, we may find ourselves pulling away from a balanced diet. When you feel like you need to get back into your fitness routine and meal plan, start with a detox smoothie. With plenty of green superfood options, there are many morning smoothies to choose from. Start your detox with a smoothie that will leave you feeling fresh and light. 

Green Detox Smoothie 

Ginger is used in many dishes as it is famous for its antioxidants and strong anti-inflammatory properties. Some may need time getting used to the powerful fragrance of ginger, so start by adding small amounts to your smoothies and ease into more generous quantities. 

Spinach also has many nutritional benefits with a high amount of fibre and rich vitamin A and C levels. Mixing spinach with celery will increase their mutual benefits, as celery is full of water and will hydrate your body, replenishing all the vitamins in your system. 

Ingredients: Baby spinach, baby kale, chopped celery, frozen green grapes, frozen green apple, grated fresh ginger, chia seeds, and honey.

Instructions: Pour all liquid ingredients into the blender, then add green ingredients, making sure celery is chopped to avoid any clumping when blending. Then, add the frozen grapes and apples, and top everything off with ginger, chia seeds, and honey. (Adding a sufficient amount of apples, ginger, and honey will sweeten the smoothie, so it is easier to consume.) 

detox_Healthy Smoothies to Elevate Your Morning Routine


Sometimes all your body needs is a quick and simple pick me up. When you feel weak and tired, some additional natural sugars will lift your mood and be the perfect energiser. Some may think of smoothies as bland and consumed only for health benefits, but this recipe offers both a delicious taste and energising benefits. You will definitely want to make more after your first cup. 

Banana-Coconut Power Smoothie

Bananas are known to be good at filling you up when you need a quick bite. They are also highly rich in potassium and vitamin C. Many athletes even have a banana before competing to maintain energy levels but not feel too full and heavy. Blending one whole banana into your smoothie will add to its creamy consistency and do its job to send your body energy. 

Coconut milk has become popular among vegan diets as a dairy substitute. Although it is a high-calorie drink, about 93% of the calories come from natural fat, which will give you long-lasting energy through the day. 

A splash of cinnamon will add richer flavour to your smoothie, even giving a sweet dessert taste to your smoothie. Known for its abundance of antioxidants, cinnamon protects the body by preventing cell damage. It is also considered a superfood, with even more health benefits than oregano or ginger. 

Ingredients: Coconut milk, almond milk, banana, frozen strawberries, coconut oil, and cinnamon.

Instructions: Start with pouring liquid ingredients into your blender first, and follow with frozen foods. Make sure to blend until all ingredients are smooth and the mixture is thick and creamy, ready to drink. 

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