The widespread pandemic has left some people reconsidering their career path, with others facing job insecurity. Many innovative businesses have grown out of these challenges including the rise of side hustles. For those who have been considering opening a home decor business, here are the tools required for both online and in person operations. 

With the ongoing pandemic resulting in many seeking alternative career paths in the face of job insecurity and a lack of control of current events, some have been led to consider starting their own business. A growing emphasis on the importance of wellness following prolonged work from home periods has led to home office installations and renovations, scaling the interior design industry. 

The article will give you insights on methods to start a home decor business and how to operate both online and offline. It is important to note that extensive research is necessary prior to founding your own company. 

How to Start A Home Decor Business

Home decor focuses on rendering services and selling products related to styling and renovating a living space. This entails expert knowledge about interior design, renovating, colour coordination, redecorating, painting, etc. A home decor service provider also sells accent pieces such as antiques, clocks, vases, paintings, and showpieces. Although the industry is vast with countless well-established companies in the field, many homeowners are looking for a more personal touch.

Before starting your business, it is important that you are a professional with a relevant background or have someone in your core team who has experience in this industry. Furthermore, consider focusing on providing services for a particular area, such as living room redesigning, bedroom decorating, kitchen walls, ceilings, patio, or lavatory decor.  

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Operating Online

With the world rapidly digitalising, opening new businesses online is not uncommon and can be a great marketing tool to establish your presence. Cost-effectiveness, fast services, and accessible business scaling are some of the few reasons many business owners are moving online. In the midst of a pandemic, this may be a more feasible option for entrepreneurs. Here are the core essentials required for your online home decor business. 

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Your website is your online store and thus, buying a website domain is a cost efficient alternative to opening a physical store. Surplus funds can be invested in providing better services and purchasing higher quality raw materials. Make sure to build a user-friendly website that is aesthetically pleasing and depicts your brand story


The rise of e-commerce has brought businesses and consumers even closer together. When you are operating online, your potential is almost limitless- not only will you be able to sell your products regionally or nationally, but you will also be able to scale globally. You will need to invest in shipping to ensure safe delivery without damaging goods. Clear policies related to returns, refunds, and delayed deliveries should be discussed with your core team and communicated clearly to your customers. 


Once you successfully commence operations online, your business may need to work in different regions, so you will need to hire new team members to overlook logistics, installation, and implementation of your products outside of your headquarters.

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Operating Offline

Starting any business will be difficult, with additional dedication required in the initial years of its founding. Here is a list of essentials that you will need.

operating offline


You will need the best merchants to supply your business, and many will prefer to work with those who have been in the industry for a longer period. Establish connections with people who manufacture and sell original products to solidify the uniqueness of your brand image. High quality home decor items and services can often be sourced locally. 


Your business should be situated in a prime location that will attract more visitors and potential clients. As a home decor service provider, ensure that your store is decorated well with ample lighting to create an ambiance that best represents your brand. 


As you will be selling products along with your services, a warehouse is needed to store your pre-purchased products and raw materials.. You can also consider storing these goods at the back of your store and out of sight.. 


Select your team carefully, as they play a vital role in serving your clients. The stronger your team, the more innovative and collaborative they can grow.

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Choosing whether to operate online or offline depends on your budget and future plans for your business. However, given the global pandemic, it may be a better investment to open your business online to prevent logistical disruptions and reach a wider audience.

How to Start A Home Decor Business


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